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Passport Photo

We are well-versed in all of the exact criteria and requirements of various governments. For over 15 different countries’ passport specifications, we know how to get the job done. All passport photos are taken in accordance with the rules. We specialize in passport photos, but also photograph visas, driver’s licenses, senior citizen cards, student passes, ID cards, and other documents.


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Singapore (35mm x 45mm), Taiwan (35mm x 45mm), Australia (35mm x 45mm), European (35mm x 45mm), New Zealand (35mm x 45mm), United Kingdom (35mm x 45mm), Canada Visa (35mm x 45mm), Japan Visa (35mm x 45mm), Thailand (35mm x 45mm), Malaysia (35mm x 50mm), China (33mm x 48mm), United States Visa (50mm x 50mm), India (50mm x 50mm), Cambodia (40mm x 60mm), Vietnam (40mm x 60mm)


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